Best Business Card Scanners

By | December 12, 2013

Want to buy a business card scanner? Do not know which one is better?

Well, no more frustration from now on! Because that we will provide you with all the most recommended business card scanners. The next thing you need to do is to read our page carefully and buy yourself one.

If you are ready to have a new business card scanner, move click your mouse now.

Top Recommended Business Card Scanners

CardScan Office (600c/V6) Business Card Scanner

A clever idea who’s time has clearly come, the CardScan Office 600c scans business cards in full color, connects to your office’s PC via a USB port, and uploads the card into your database using the included CardScan software.

Dymo 1812034 Business Card Scanner with CardScan Image Capture

CardScan Image Capture (IC) accurately captures driver’s licenses, insurance cards and other patient information. Used on its own or interfaced with electronic health records and other practice software systems, CardScan IC delivers true, complete color images to help reduce errors, streamline admissions and speed reimbursement.

CSSN ACT Addon - Business Card Scanner and reader to ACT!
Card Scanning Solutions

Scan2CRM for ACT business card scanner and reader-Scan business cards directly into your ACT!


Fully integrated into ACT! CRM
Auto-detect function
Extracts both data and image
Only few seconds per scan
No external power needed
No need to install any 3rd party software
No need to learn any new software
Only One license needed per system
Fully mobile small footprint business cards reader

Scan2CRM for ACT! business card scanner and reader is an easy to use and accurate, Business card scanner and add-on software for ACT CRM.

CSSN Portable Business Card Scanner and Reader - Scan2Contacts
Card Scanning Solutions

The new Portable Business Card Scanner and Reader – Scan2Contacts is an easy to use and accurate, add-on Business card scanning software for Microsoft Outlook ® contacts management.

Expert Advice
  • “It is very very clever and works exceptionally well.” – Worry
  • “That makes corrections easy and allows you to toss the cards.” – E. R. Jones
  • “I would not reccomend this item and will be looking for a different solution.” – Emily

Penpower WorldCardColor Color Business Card Scanner

A solution of business card management with a color scanner which recognizes and preserves color image of the business card.

  • “Overall, it’s a very nice item with easy to use, intuitive software.” – William L. Yates
  • “The only problem we saw was that the card scan was not 100% accurate – it would scan the text correctly, but would populate some of the fields incorrectly.” – J. Chan
  • “I am using Windows 7 (64 bit) and Outlook 2010 and did not have any trouble installing the scanner and getting the software to work.” – Ping Pong

TaoTronics® Business Card Scanner Colour & Mono Mini USB Handyscan Handheld Scanner for Business Card Scan, Reciepts Scan, Books Scan + Directly Save to Text Function TT-DS002

TaoTronics®- Technology Enhances LifeTaoTronics TT-DS002 300DPI Colour & Mono Mini USB Handyscan Handheld Scanner for Business Card, Reciepts, Books + Direct Save to Text BlackHoliday Promotion:Save $10.

  • “The product works very good, and it is very easy to use.” – German
  • “Practice on a good flat area and keep all of the rollers moving at the same speed to get a good scan.” – PAhisorytBookworm
  • “Scan, and see the result!” – cantining

Penpower Inc WCUPRO1EN Business Card Scanner
Penpower Inc.

The tilting open mail box entrance allows you to put in business cards easily, tilting close design protects the scanner from debris or dusts. Scans and recognizes business cards, then saves contact information into Address Book or Microsoft Outlook; turns business cards into accurate digital format in a few seconds.

Consumer Reviews
  • “It is easy to set-up and use.” – A. Fernandez
  • “After scanning I found that I spent as much time editng the business card as it would have taken to enter it manually into Outlook.” – jz
  • “This product was a big disappointment.” – Andrew Sumberg

Worldcard Office 6.0 Smallest Business Card Scanner

WorldCard Office is a portable, A8-sized grey-scale business card scanner. It has a size of a regular mobile phone. It¿s a perfect fit for business people to bring along on their business trips or to attend exhibitions and add new contacts on the spot.

Penpower WorldCard Ultra Business Card Scanner

WorldCard Ultra is an elegant-palm-sized color business card scanner. Slot-in design makes Ultra the easiest and most intuitive way to scan business cards you have ever experienced.

Product Research
  • “Based on our experience, we would recommend using it on a PC, as it seems to be most efficient on a PC, vs. a MAC.” – SPC (Petroleum Consulting)
  • “The accuracy of the scanning is amazing, but the program freezes or crashes about every three or four cards.” – Park Blvd Atty
  • “Works fine w/o hitches so far.” – Tech nut

Targus PA570U Mini Business Card Reader

Targus PA570U Mini USB Business Card Scanner

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