Best Scanners for Linux

By | August 29, 2014

Good scanners are rapidly becoming the next “must have” gadget on many people’s wish list.

Why? Going paperless and getting organized has never been easier when using. Reducing the paper clutter in your home office has now become a task that many people are beginning to enjoy. Therefore to choose the best scanner is very important.

Choosing the best scanner for linux can be quite challenging owed to the fact that now more than ever, quality and pricing are at their best. There is a staggering amount of scanners for linux in the market currently for you to choose from and like all other appliances. Quality separates them.
Check this page and find out the best scanner for linux for yourself or as a gift!

What are the Best Scanners for Linux

Brother ADS2000 High Speed Document Scanner, Black

The ImageCenter ADS-2000 is a high speed desktop two-sided document color scanner with a 50 sheet capacity document feeder ideal for home or small offices.

Customer Reviews
  • “Fast and easy.” – Eric Slay
  • “Fast, scans a double sided page without having to flip it.” – Peep
  • “For windows XP, it works better than Scansnap.” – SanjeevP

Brother ADS1500W Compact Color Desktop Scanner with Duplex and Web Connectivity

Brother ImageCenter ADS-1500W Desktop ScannerAutomatic document feeder holds up to 20 sheets of paperAdvanced Scanning Functionality in a Space-Saving DesignThe ADS-1500W connects to your wireless network, or to a single machine to scan at up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution (interpolated) and 600 x 600 (optical).

Buyers Guide
  • “Duplex scanning in a scanner this small is an awesome feature.” – Seattle consumer
  • “I absolutely fall in love with it.” – Y. Kim
  • “Overall, it works for the most part, although for my personal needs I can’t use it to upload to cloud storage due to my own privacy concerns.” – Peace Daddy

Brother DS920DW Wireless Duplex Mobile Color Page Scanner

Brother DSMobile 920DW ScannerThe DS-920DW captures both sides of double-sided documents in a single pass.Easily navigate menus, settings, and scanning destinations with the LCD display.

Buyers Guide
  • “I found this scanner very useful, easy to set up, easy to use.” – ☃ Rizzo ☃
  • “Images can be transferred using the cable or wirelessly.” – J.E. Ocean
  • “There are a few things I’d like to point out to prospective buyers of this device that they may not understand.” – rsteel1

Wolverine F2D20 20 MegaPixels 35mm to Digital Converter

Now you can take all those stacks of 35mm Slides and Negatives and convert them into digital images to share and preserve them forever. Wolverine has created a very simple to use device to convert all your 35mm film into a 20 Mega Pixels digital images in seconds.

  • “It was very easy to use and fast.” – Howard King
  • “I have to say, I have been finding quite a few that to me definitely are worth having.” – anon
  • “Almost every slide had to be adjusted before saving to get the correct exposure, focus and color.” – bilbid

Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner

DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner

Penpower WorldCardColor Color Business Card Scanner

A solution of business card management with a color scanner which recognizes and preserves color image of the business card.

Consumer Reports
  • “Overall, it’s a very nice item with easy to use, intuitive software.” – William L. Yates
  • “The only problem we saw was that the card scan was not 100% accurate – it would scan the text correctly, but would populate some of the fields incorrectly.” – J. Chan
  • “I am using Windows 7 (64 bit) and Outlook 2010 and did not have any trouble installing the scanner and getting the software to work.” – Ping Pong

Brother Printer ADS2500W Document Scanner

The ImageCenter ADS-2500W is a desktop high speed two-sided document color scanner with network capabilities (Ethernet & wireless) and a 3.7-Inch Color Touch Screen ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

Buyers Guide
  • “And very, very fast.” – Jerry Saperstein
  • “Yes, it’s a scanner; yes, scanners are boring.” – Keenan
  • “I can organize and tweak later when they are scanned.” – My 2 Cents

IRISCard Anywhere 5

Full mobility is the word! The IRIS Card Anywhere 5 enables on-the-go users to easily capture information from their business contacts when away from their computer.

IRISCan Anywhere 3

Cordless, battery-powered and compact, the IRIS can Anywhere 3 enables on-the- go users to easily capture information from all kinds of documents when away from their computer.

Brother DS-820W Wireless Document Scanner

Wireless Mobile Color Scanner

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